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SwapsCity NG is a unique classified web and mobile application that allows users to exchange goods and services within a community. Users can buy and sell items and services  in a very unique, fast and effective way with little or no cash exchange. This way we introduce a new and evolutionary culture that saves users lots of money, encourages recycling and conservation of goods and services as well as connect individuals with users around their various communities with common shared interests and fancy from a standoint of items and services that could be excahnged and reused.


User 1 owns a bag, but he wants to buy a shoe and does not have the total amount of money needed for the shoe. Meanwhile User 2 who owns a shoe he is willing to part with, needs a bag but has no cash to pay for it.  Both parties can agree on the value of their goods, if both are valued the same then they can exchange it directly without cash, however if one is valued over the other, exchange can happen with extra cash to offset the value.

Users are also allowed to upload free items unto the platform  that they do not need anymore and these items can be accessed for free by users who need them. As such SwapsCity ng enables a go green ecosystem and shared economy where items and services are recycled and shared within communities.


- Item for Item swap

-  Item for Item and additional money tip swap (Tip to make up for the value 'of the item swapped)

- Ability to perform a conventional buying and selling transaction

- Item for service swaps

- Inbuilt fast messaging framework

- Share listing and search results

- Search by keyword, categoroy, item type, location, price. e.t.c

- Social networking - Follow users and listers whose listing are of interest and receive updates on their new listing via email and swapscity messaging.

- Reviews and feedback.

- Recomment items to friends.

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